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When hanging your wreath outside, the ideal location is in an area that is somewhat sheltered and away from the elements. Prolonged, direct sunlight will considerably shorten the lifespan of your wreath.  Likewise, you want to avoid placing your wreath near a heater or fireplace.  If you live in a climate that freezes and thaws, the fresh fruits of your Renaissance wreath naturally cannot sustain these conditions, and are thus better suited for indoor placement.

How Do I Care For My Renaissance Wreath?

          Because your wreath is fresh foliage, it requires special care in order that it may last as long as possible.  If you live in a warm climate or place your wreath(s) indoors, we suggest spraying the evergreen base with water, carefully avoiding any dehydrated fruit. An easy way to accomplish this, is to spray the wreath from behind. Watering is recommended as often as possible. Your wreath will remain vibrant if watered at least every other day.  If you live in a colder climate, and your wreath is outdoors, watering should not be necessary.

How Do I Care For My Evergreen Wreath?

          You do not have to be as careful with the evergreen wreaths since they are not embellished with any material that requires special care. If you live in a warm climate or place your fresh wreath indoors, be sure to keep it out of prolonged direct sunlight. You may want to water your wreath first thing before hanging and thanks to its hardiness you may dunk, hose, spritz, or spray it without worry thereafter. You cannot overwater, and your Designing Endeavors wreath will be happiest if it gets a drink at least every other day. If, however, you live in a cold climate and place your wreath outdoors, it is not necessary to continue watering the wreath after its initial freshening. Likewise, the cold weather should keep it fresh.

How Long Will My Wreath Last?

          As with any fresh floral product, your wreath has a certain life expectancy.  Under ideal conditions and with proper care (See How to care for wreath), your Designing Endeavors creation will continue to look vibrant throughout the holiday season. 

  I See A Wreath On Your Website. Can I Be Assured Of Receiving The Same One?

          What makes Designing Endeavors collection unique is that each piece is individually created by an artist who interprets our Renaissance signature style in their own way.   

There is always an element of surprise! While we use a medly of ingredients so that there is a consistent style, each piece is one–of-a–kind.

  How Will My Wreath Be Shipped?

          We work with all major carriers so that we can secure the most economical and quickest arrival.

  Can I Specify When I Would Like My Wreath Sent Out?

          Yes, we have control over the shipping date but can not guarantee the arrival date.

  When Do You Start Shipping?

          Our product are all fresh and can not be made up in advance.  We start production the day after Thanksgiving and end December 19th.  Our last day to ship is December 20th.

 Where Do You Ship?

         We ship only in the continental US, and do not ship to APO or PO boxes.

How Are Shipping Charges Calculated?

          We select the most economical rate available via a major carrier. All carriers charge by package size, weight, and distance. Dimensional weight applies to certain sizes which may increases your cost. All shipments originate in Los Angeles.

Can Multiple Wreaths Be Packed In The Same Box If They Are Sent To The Same Address?

          Because of the delicate nature of our products each wreath needs to be packed individually to insure that they arrive in the same beautiful condition they were in when they left the studio.

I’m In The Los Angeles Area Can I Pick Up My Wreaths At Your Location?

          Absolutely.  Please call beforehand to make arrangements and get directions. (310) 395-7944

Can I Include A Gift Card?

We will be happy to include a personalized note. Let us know what you would like us to write. If you would like to include your company stationary you may send this to us with instructions.  Send to Designing Endeavors, 927 2nd Street, Ste 16, Santa Monica, CA 90403 .  Please E-mail or call to let us know that we should be expecting your information. Info@DesigningEndeavors.com, (310) 395-7944.

How Soon Can I Place My Order?

      The earlier the better.  We have special incentives for those people who place their orders before September 30th: enjoy a  savings of  5% on your total order when you shop early.

Call us at (310)395-7944 to place your order, or E-mail Info@DesigningEndeavors.com and we swill be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the ordering process.

I Don't Celebrate Christmas Yet I Love The Fragrance And The Festive Designs. Do You Have Something That Would Be Appropriate?

   One of our table decor items would be perfect for someone who doesn't celebrate the holiday but enjoys the winter season. Either a centerpiece or a candle ring will give your home that sweet aromatic scent and enhance your table or mantle.







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