Our designs have their roots in the Della Robbia style and Williamsburg wreaths. The origins of the Della Robbia wreath come from the Renaissance 14th century Florentine sculptor, Lucca Della Robbia and his progeny, who popularized the use of natural themes. Over the years, the Della Robbia style has been seen in many different forms and is now closely associated with Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

At Designing Endeavors, we use this as inspiration and then let our creativity take over. By bringing in many other unusual elements, our collection has its own distinctive style, we call Renaissance.

The Renaissance wreath is our signature creation, featuring a base of fragrant evergreens; (Nobel Fir, Incense Cedar and Juniper Berries) adorned with tantalizing fresh fruits of the season, and an array of ornamental botanicals. Here is a partial list of the ingredients you may find gracing your Designing Endeavors wreath. Only some of these are used in each design – Pepperberries, Orange and Apple slices, Camphor Pods, Walnuts, Gala Apples, Sugar Bush, Toyon Berries, Oak Leaves, Almonds, Granny Smith and Red Delicious Apples, Peach and Apricot pits, Acorns, Pecans, Jacaranda Pods, Orange Peels, Hydrangeas, Cinnamon Sticks, Crab Apples, Chili Peppers, Alubia Beans, Alder Cones, Magnolia Pods, Persimmons, Liquid Amber Balls, Wheat, assorted Pinecones and many varieties of Eucalyptus.

All of our Renaissance wreaths are original one-of-a kind creations, fashioned by skilled artisans using only natural ingredients.  What you see in our photos are examples of how we put together the different ingredients to create individual designs. Your wreath will not necessarily look like any of the ones depicted.  What these photos convey is our sophisticated style and exceptional quality. Our Renaissance is interpreted in many different ways. Guided by the experienced hands of our designers, each of our designs comes together to make a distinct statement.  When you order a Renaissance wreath expect to be surprised and delighted.  

Cared for properly (by simply spraying the back carefully with water a few times a week), their enchanting beauty and aromas will last you through the season.(see How to Care For Your Renaissance Wreath)

Click images for a larger view

Large Renaissance Wreath


approx 34"

Medium Renaissance Wreath




approx 26"
Small Renaissance Wreath
Small Renaissance Wreathsmall renaissance wreath close up
small renaissance wreathsmall renaissance wreatj closeup


approx 22"

Mini Renaissance Wreath
mini2mini renaissance wreath
minimini closeup
approx 14"




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