Add decorative touches all around your home with these charming pieces. Display them on a table or hang them. Let your imagination play with possibilities; these items are very versatile and serve both purposes! Depending on their application they are called swags/centerpieces/door charms. All these items are the same; they just go by different names.

May we suggest our candle ring which makes an elegant presentation. Place it on a table with a candle inside, or hang it on a door and it's a mini wreath!

These arrangements come in the “Fresh Evergreen” variety and "Renaissance," similar to our wreaths. The dimensions are approximately 25" long, by 14" wide and 3-6" high for the swag/centerpiece/door charm and 14” diameter for the candle ring.

All of our Renaissance arrangements are original one-of-a kind creations, fashioned by skilled artisans using only natural ingredients. Our Renaissance is interpreted in many different ways. Guided by the experienced hands of our designers, each of our designs comes together to make a distinct statement. When you order a Renaissance wreath expect to be surprised and delighted.

Cared for properly (by simply spraying the back carefully with water a few times a week), their enchanting beauty and aromas will last you through the season (see How to Care For Your Renaissance Wreath).


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Renaissance Centerpiece  


Evergreen Centerpiece
evergreen centerpiece
Renaissance Candle Ring (mini-wreath)


Evergreen Candle Ring (mini-wreath)
evergreen candle ring





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